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FinByz Consulting is pioneering in the field of financial consulting. Providing world class solutions to our clients, we excel in the field of debt syndication and forex risk management. We strive to make financials risk management less stressful and cash flow management more productive by seamless execution of mutually designed strategies. We are committed to provide most innovative financial solutions with a desire to gain customer confidence. We deliver a distinct cost advantage in financial functioning of our clients though superior resources and industry expertise.

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Services: The Means of Delivering Value


Treasury Consulting

Debt Syndication

Credit Rating

Market-Wire: Accessing Markets can’t get easier than this!

Timing the markets may not be possible, but tracking the timely information on market is very much possible with FinByz Market-Wire service. In the competitive environment where profits for importer/exporters widely depend upon the conversion rates provided by their bank, this information not only helps them take timely and accurate decision but also allows them to negotiate with the banks for optimum pricing.

Track live currency movement for all major currency pairs including USD/INR and INR crosses against all major currencies. Accurate forward premiums prevailing for all currencies including INR crosses along with broken date calculator to know exact forward premium and outright rate for the forward maturity other than month end. Candle stick charts for more than past 5 years daily movement for all the currencies, indices and commodities.
Always be in touch of Markets on the go, with Android and IOS mobile applications of FinByz Market-Wire. Never feel the regret of missing the Target or stop-loss you would like to define for any currency with amazing alert feature of the Market-wire App. Never miss a news with mobile alerts, so you know what matters at time when it happens.
Small desktop application, very light on resources makes it easy to track live FX rates without any hassle of opening your browser. You can make it stay on top, and track the rates even when you are working on other assignments/applications on your computer. Can get one click access to forward premiums as well full website whenever required.

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you;
if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Treasury Consulting: Financial Decision Support System

Integrating technology with knowledge, we provide our customers a decision support system to manage their forex exposure most effectively. We are experienced in using our market knowledge to help companies build business-specific risk management frameworks to optimise the resources for following regulatory requirements, monitoring risk and daily mark to market performance. In fact we seek to be recognized as a technological leader in our industry, and thus are committed to innovative up grading of the software solutions in our quest for excellence.

Treasury Cost Analysis

Audit transactional charges and Interest Cost
Ignoring the benefit of negotiating best pricing with your bank can affect competitive edge

Hedging Strategies

Goal without plan is just a wish!
Designing implementable hedging strategies after understanding the business model

FX Exposure Monitoring

Strategy without implementation is a waste!
Monitoring the FX transactions in view of evolving Market Scenario to enhance effectiveness of the strategy

Debt Syndication: Leverage on Relations

Leverage can boost the growth of your company and can help you grow faster. Globalization has opened up many options for raising capital. But selecting optimal fund raising solution which suits your business needs best require expert help in weighing risk and benefits of each available structure. FinByz Consulting’s Debt Syndication services can help companies master the complexities of various financing options and suggest cost effective solution for their funding requirement.  We also assist companies arranging the chosen finance at lowest rates.

Project Finance

FinByz Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of advisory services packaged with rating advisory as well for your project funding needs. Our debt syndication service acts as a bridge between borrower and lenders.

Working Capital Finance

FinByz Consulting helps creating fund based/ non-fund based lines from bank to finance day to day operational expenses of the company. After analysing the working capital gap FinByz Consulting team suggest suitable product for working capital finance.

Structured Finance

Generally cost of funds has been notably lower for transaction backed funding various trade transactions. Buyer’s Credit, Supplier’s Credit, LC Discounting are few such transactions where FinByz provides syndication services.

Credit Rating Advisory: Unlocking True Potential!

FinByz Consulting understands the implications of credit rating on your business and finances. Given the implementation of Basel norms the external credit rating has become inevitable part of banking system, and same can affect company’s borrowing cost significantly. The rating process is an assessment of fundamental and the probabilities of changes in the fundamentals as per change in external scenarios. So your rating depends expected perceived effects of various factors like Country risk, Industry profile, competitive scenario, commodity price fluctuations, vintage and expertise in business, etc. This makes the whole process rather subjective than objective depending upon current financials. FinByz Consulting’s goal oriented systematic approach helps corporates to optimise their credit rating by showcasing the strengths of the company in most effective way.

Customise our service to suit your needs, with features listed below 

  • Economic Research

  • Treasury Policy

  • Financial Process Automation

  • Documentation Support

  • Fedai & Custom Rates Reports

  • FX MTM Monitoring

  • Derivative Valuation Supoort

  • Currency Futures

  • VAR & Stress Testing

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Historical Fx Transaction Cost Analysis

  • Reliable News Feeds

  • Fx Rate Negotiation

  • ECB Arrangement

  • Interest Rate and Currency Swap Support

  • Opportunistic Arbitrage

  • Forex Data Calender

  • Opportunist Option Strategies

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other

FinByz Consulting understands the success of the business depends upon building in-house capabilities. Even though we work as a partner, we believe its responsibility of consultant to share knowledge which can help clients to develop better understanding. Our services are aimed at developing skills and strategic management capabilities in field of Treasury.

  • Periodic reports covering various financial instruments and topics which provide simplest explanation in layman language.
  • The daily calls and periodic meetings are not only to provide directional view but are also aimed at increasing the financial awareness. We ensure at end of the year clients have better understanding of the effects of various global factors on currency market.
  • We also provide on request Treasury training, which will be customised as per requirements of the client.
  • Buyers Credit Lowest Rate

Buyer’s Credit Lowest Rates: 20-Jan-2016

January 20th, 2016|0 Comments

Avail Buyer's Credit at lowest rates, through Debt syndication services of FinByz Consulting.

  • Foreign Exchange Markets

Introduction To Foreign Exchange Markets

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Foreign Exchange Market is a virtual market comprising of buyers and sellers of foreign currency, mainly banks and financial institutions as one of the counter-parties. The foreign exchange market (forex or FX for short) is one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets around.

  • Buyers Credit

Buyer’s Credit

October 31st, 2015|0 Comments

Buyer’s credit is facility available for Indian importers, to borrow in foreign currency against their import liability. Funding is done by foreign bank/branch backed by undertaking given by importer's local bank.

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