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Timing the markets may not be possible, but tracking the timely information on market is very much possible with FinByz’s Market-Wire service . The management of most corporates require the decision support system in terms of live forex market quotes, forward premiums and timely news flow. In the competitive environment where profits for importer/exporters widely depend upon the conversion rates provided by their bank, this information not only helps them take timely and accurate decision but also allows them to negotiate with the banks for optimum pricing.

Track the currency markets live on our website, view currency charts, news and much more.

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finbyz market wire services

Why do you need Finbyz Market-Wire ?

The currency market in India is OTC (Over the counter) market, where there is no intermediator exchange to reflect the correct rate. Various banks and interbank brokers who provide liquidity to the market give there live feeds to various trading platforms such as Reuters. These feeds include live currency market quotes and forward premiums. We provide the cost effective alternative to access the same information for the corporates whose revenues or costing depend upon the forex market movement.

Salient Features of Website

Track live currency movement for all major currency pairs including USD/INR and INR crosses against all major currencies.

Accurate forward premiums prevailing for all currencies including INR crosses along with broken date calculator to know exact forward premium and outright rate for the forward maturity other than month end.

Access to historical price charts for more than past 5 years daily movement for all the currencies.

Historical rates downloadable in excel form for daily open high low & close.

News feeds for all major currencies from reliable market sources, so that you never miss a single event affecting the market you track.

Access to premium market blog to read the articles with market insights, leave comments, interact with renowned market experts or build the repute by publishing your own article.

Market-Wire: Information at your Finger-tips!

A decision support system built on timely and accurate data can give you the competitive edge you always wanted.

Mobile App

Always be updated on Mobile App!

Always be in touch of Markets on the go, with Android and IOS mobile applications of FinByz Market-Wire.

Get All the features of website like Live rates, forwards and currency charts easily accessible through Mobile App.

Never feel the regret of missing the Target or stoploss you would like to define for any currency with amazing alert feature of the Market-wire App.

Never miss a news with mobile alerts, so you know what matters at time when it happens.

The Proof Is In The Pudding!!!

FinByz Market-Wire is loaded with many incredible features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests by them to make it better.

Always live Desktop Application

Small desktop application, very light on resources makes it easy to track live FX rates without any hassle of opening your browser.

You can make it stay on top, and track the rates even when your are working on other assignments/applications on your computer.

Can get one click access to forward premiums as well full website whenever required.

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